Klostermühle Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

Community is very important to us at Klostermühle. That's why we eat together at regular times in our spacious dining room.
  • We have breakfast together from 8:30am until 9am.
  • Lunch is from 12:30pm until 1pm.
  • We eat dinner from 6:30pm until 7pm.
Additional information about meals
  • After meals, there is the oppurtunity to help in the kitchen or have free time.
  • For excursions or other activities, we are happy to provide the ingredients for a packed lunch.
  • For those who are still hungry, the Beehive (our kiosk) is open in the afternoons and evenings.
Dietary requirements
  • Every guest is important to us and meals are no exception. We are happy to cook a vegetarian option and we will do our very best to take all food intolerances or allergies (e.g. lactose or gluten) into consideration.
  • We ask for your understanding if we cannot accommodate all dietary requirements.
  • It is important, that you mention all your dietary needs already with your application. We will gladly talk to you about the possibility of providing for your special dietary needs or how to find solutions in how to make it possible for you to attend our programs.

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  • Picture for Breakfast at Klostermühle

    At Klostermühle, we have two healthy and well-stocked buffets.

    • Our breakfast buffet has various breads and bread rolls, meats, cheeses, jams, honeys, and spreads.
    • The cereal buffet has cornflakes, oats, shellinos, sugar puffs etc. (the cereal selection changes each day), as well as yoghurt, quark and milk.
    • We have milk, coffee, water, tea and chocolate powder for you to make your own drink.
  • Picture for Lunch at Klostermühle

    We cook hot dishes that vary each day and are coordinated with our guests.

    • We regularly provide a healthy salad buffet, and serve our delicious Bodenseehof dressing.
    • After the main dish, we serve a fitting and delectable dessert to our guests.
    • Wednesday is our ‘Suppen-Süß-Tag’ (for our Swabian guests), with soup and a main dish that is slightly sweeter than normal.
    • On Fridays, we serve a traditional fish meal, with tasty side dishes.
    • On most Sunday afternoons, we have coffee and cake.
    • In certain cases (like excursions), we are happy to provide you with the ingredients for a packed lunch.
  • Picture for Dinner at Klostermühle

    For dinner, we have two healthy and substantial buffets.

    • One buffet has various breads, bread rolls, meat, cheese, spreads and salad.
    • The other buffet has hot dishes that vary each day.
    • Water, tea and fruit tea-based drinks are available.