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Our Facilities


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  • Picture of Klostermühle's Chapel
    The Chapel

    The Chapel serves as our main meeting room, and it is equipped with modern technology. For example, sermons and lectures can be transmitted live to other rooms. The Chapel is a lecture room during Bible School and also for Sunday Evening Bible School, as well as for holidays. It seats 120 people comfortably.

  • Picture of Klostermühle's Rittersaal
    The Rittersaal

    The Rittersaal is the smaller of our two meeting rooms, and seats up to 80 guests. We meet here during group holidays, for services, to sing, and to play games. Thanks to a small stage and modern technology, the Rittersaal is perfect for pantomime and theatre performances that you can experience during your group holiday.

  • Picture of Klostermühle's Pavilion
    The Pavilion

    Our newest and most modern building to date is the pavilion, a cozy place to relax and have some quiet time. Sunlight streams through the large windows and glass roof in summer. When the weather is warmer, the folding French windows can be opened onto the terrace. On the terrace, you can start a (small!) bonfire, play giant chess or simply sit on the benches and relax.

  • Picture of Klostermühle's Library
    The Library

    Our library, directly above the Rittersaal, is the study room for our Bible School students and guests, but later on in the evening, it can be used as a place to meet, play games, sing together or for other activities. The library has a selection of games and Christian literature such as various translations of the Bible and commentaries on the Old and New Testament, which are mostly used for studying purposes.

  • Picture of Klostermühle's Dining Room
    The Dining Room

    Our spacious dining room has enough space for up to 130 guests. Renovations in the summer of 2015 made it lighter and brighter, by adding a modern lighting system. The dining room offers a pleasant atmosphere during meals together, where we hope you will enjoy each other’s company and the food. It is arranged into two sections, on either side of the buffet table, and there is a small kitchen for guests to use.

  • Foto vom Buchladen
    The Bookstore

    In our well-stocked bookstore, there is plenty to discover. We have Bibles, a large selection of Christian literature on different themes like love, parenting, and discipleship, as well as novels, testimonies and Biblical commentaries. We also have a selection of films, CDs, accessories (such as wristbands, keyrings and mugs) and numerous postcards. Additionally, we stock Germany’s largest choice of literature by and about Marc Chagall.

  • Picture of Klostermühle's Bedrooms
    The Bedrooms

    Our rooms offer sufficient space and comfort for relaxing or intensive holidays, and are predominantly shared rooms with bunk beds. In total, we have over 120 guest beds in 5 buildings.

    The rooms are divided into two categories:
    Category 1
    with shared showers and WCs on the same corridor.
    Category 2 with an ensuite bathroom (shower and WC).

  • Picture of Klostermühle's Sports Room
    The Sports Room

    Our sports room is the perfect place to let off steam. Here we have several table football tables (we organize a great tournament during youth holidays), a ping pong table with enough room to run around, a large billiards table, giant Jenga blocks and lots of seating to chill out. Balls, rackets, and queues can be bought or rented from the Guest Office.

  • Picture of Klostermühle's Garden
    The Garden

    Our garden, with the Dörsbach stream flowing past, is one of the show pieces of Klostermühle. From spring until winter, the many flowers and trees blossom beautifully. In summer, there are plenty of sun loungers for you to use and relax in the sunshine. We also have a swimming pool for you to cool down in if you get too warm in the sun. Our garden has enough place to slackline, play Frisbee or for a crate-stacking competition, and of course, to barbecue.