Klostermühle Bible School Aims and Content

Aims and Content

We invest so much time into school, education and a career. Why do we invest less into the Word of God?

Many Christians are uncertain in their faith and their witnessing. Our six-month long Bible School offers you the opportunity to take some time out and get to grips with the fundamental questions of life with the help of God's Word.

Our German-speaking Bible School is for all those who wish to grow and progress in their personal relationshop with Jesus Christ.

The Aims and content of our Bible School
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To share the Gospel
When we have experienced for ourselves what it means to be allowed to live through Jesus Christ and are reconciled with God and to be able to live with him everyday; to have found the meaning of life and to have the gift of eternal life, we should want to bring as many people into contact with this Good News. Our aim is that after Bible School, you will be able to joyfully live out your Christian faith and share the Good News - wherever God takes you - because Jesus lives in and through you.
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To study the Word of God
To know the "real" Jesus Christ doesn't involve bypassing the Word of God. In the Bible, Jesus reveals himself in truth, how he really is. Therefore, reading, listening to and studying God's Word plays a central role throughout Bible School. But the Bible shows us much more, such as what God has planned (for us), what role we play in his plans, what is happening in the world, how we should live in this world as Christians and why we need a church.
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To know Jesus better
To be a Christian means an active relationship with Jesus Christ. To know him better and to grow in this relationship with Him should therefore be the aim of every born-again Christian. That's why we will use our time at Bible School to search for answers to questions like: What does it mean to say that Jesus lives in me? How can I experience Jesus in my everyday life? How can I spend time with Him? How can I shape my relationship with Him and grow therein?
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