Klostermühle FSJ and BFD

FSJ or BFD at Klostermühle

Have you thought about spending your FSJ or BFD at Klostermühle?

We offer young adults, between 18 and 27 years of age, the opportunity to work with us at Klostermühle. We have places available for those who are undertaking a Voluntary Social Service Year (FSJ) or a Voluntary Civil Service Year (BFD). There are no places available any more for 2016/17.

To ensure that your time as an FSJler or a BFDler is special and memorable, we place our focus on the following three points
Icon for Working Together
Working Together

Working together enables you to acquire and build on your practical knowledge and skills in the house, kitchen, garden, and with guests. Staff live in proximity to each other and often spend time together outside of work. You have the opportunity to strengthen your interpersonal skills and learn what it truly means to work with others, encourage them and support them. 

Icon for Building Relationships
Building Relationships

Our day begins with a devotion and time of prayer together. Your spiritual life will be enriched by attending Bible School lectures, small groups, and by talking and discussing together. It is our wish to have a close relationship to the one who is close to us, Jesus Christ.

Icon for Christian Life
Christian Life

As so many previous FSJlers and BFDlers have seen, working with us at Klostermühle for a year can greatly enrich your personal faith and journey. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and you are interested in taking ‘a year for God’, we would be happy to send you more information. You can also find out more on the netzwerk-m website.